IKEA x Chris Stamp For The Urban Hipster

Just when you think that IKEA couldn't get more generic, they begin and continue 2018 with collaborations and product launches left, right and centre in an attempt to branch into new markets. We mean, can you blame their business thinking(?) - no - but can we really be enthusiastic about all the various markets they're trying to move into and capture? No, we mean, yes. IKEA's collaboration march has continued on and on and they're really showing no signs of stopping. Their latest is that with Chris Stamp and here arrives our conundrum - when is a market too far out of place for IKEA to have any right to enter? Chris Stamp, a Los Angeles based fashion designer is the designer behind Stampd (imaginatively named) and as you might see from the photo gallery, the collaboration is hardly one you might have expected from a Swedish furniture manufacturer. Or is it?

Now available at IKEA (US only), this limited edition collection has been named SPANST and targets the streetwear / young apparel market in providing furniture and home design ideas for those living that super-active urban lifestyle. Across the range are storage solutions, industrial-inspired lighting options, and of course, various urban essentials such as a basketball hoop, skateboard rack et al. The diverse collection really is different to many, if not most, of IKEA's other collections, and is certainly a product release with desire and intent.

SATORI & SCOUT really quite enjoy some of the products and though we might no longer be the skateboarding type, we can certainly see the reason and rhyme behind this collaboration. Primarily monochromatic in colour scheme, the urban hipster can now better showcase his or her sneakers and lifestyle interests, perfect!

Discover more about the collection and purchase online at: Stampd.com.

Photography credit : Stampd

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