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Shinola is a new watch brand on the block, and it means business. Serious business. When Esquire and other publications wrote many articles about US president Barack Obama's recent visit to London to see David Cameron, one story went untold. David Cameron is now the proud owner of a Shinola watch after being gifted the timepiece, and whilst largely an insignificant thought in comparison to the global scene of topics that were undoubtedly discussed between the pair, Shinola represents so much more than just time keeping.

Presented to Cameron on President Obama's tour across the UK, the customised Shinola watch has the presidential seal engraved on the reverse of the watch (its caseback) and is housed within a personalised watch box that is equally as unique. All of Shinola's watches are handbuilt in America, and it is this aspect that has given the brand instant success, and is why this story is so important to SATORI & SCOUT. With Shinola's vast manufacturing facilities located in Detroit, a city that has seen it be named the 'most depressive city of America' for many reasons that include a copious amount of recent job losses, tax issues, house evictions and general poor governance, Shinola are making a huge difference to American lives. With huge investment in homegrown talent, hand-made manufacturing and ultimately jobs for American citizens, Shinola has made a difference to Detroit.

With President Obama revealing that he owns a Shinola himself earlier in the year, and with Shinola opening a store in Newburgh Street, London, 18 months ago (which has expanded further since), it is clear to see that the prestige and charm of owning a Shinola (and connecting with the brand's heritage) is something that appeals to many people. Their new London store is at Foubert's Place in Soho, and both store locations in the English capital definitely match the brand's aspirations for being the go-to brand for that gorgeously rich American heritage, for timepieces, bikes, apparel and the like.

As Shinola legitimately advertise, their watches are 'the first to be assembled at large scales in United States for decades'. Men's watch collections include the classical Canfield, the more minimalist and signature Runwell, the more adventurous Rambler, and many more. For the women we see largely similar collections, but with daintier alternatives such as the High-Fashion Birdy. All watches are entirely handcrafted from having their very own movements to their final assemblies, and with their factory adhering to the highest of Swiss standards, Shinola's goods are crafted with the utmost care and precision. With all their factories having more than a combined 50,000 square-foot of pure American-ness, their machinery aims to always fuse labour-intensive methods and state-of-the-art technology; the proper way.

hough watches are their signature pieces, Shinola also offer leather goods, journals, bikes, supply apparel and various other really cool and essential pieces of gear. We have a few on our wishlist already, and cannot wait to visit their London store soon.

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