For All Your Travels, The Venture Backpack

On a mission to inspire people from all over the globe to be creative anywhere, This Is Ground is an American brand that helps mobilise its fans with the necessary accessories and technology tools to continue to be creative no matter where you are. To always be prepared to embark on a creative journey is often hard in terms of organisation, and yet This Is Ground have other ideas.

Born and based in Los Angeles (USA), the brand now boasts an Italian factory and a British fulfilment centre, and their new Wi-Fi equipped backpack is just the latest in a long line of innovative ideas. The Venture backpack is one that fits a 15 inch laptop, and is particularly noted for a few innovative features. Firstly, there are an ingenious set of details that allow you to keep any electronic device within the backpack when you visit an airport, allowing you to quickly pass through security screening without hassle, whilst also housing many various specific pockets and straps to allow for the safe transport of tablets, headphones, power adapter, phone, eyewear, rechargeable battery, pens and pencils, plus lots of flexible space.

For the serious backpacker, efficient worker or well travelled, the Venture's minimalist vegetable-tanned Italian leather exterior does little to advertise the plethora of functions within, and its desirable aesthetics live up to its internal 'infrastructure'. Its second main piece of innovation is its inclusion of Wi-Fi capability via a Karma device, an internet solution that provides you access no matter where you are; and thirdly its inclusion of a tracking device via a Tile Tracker, a Bluetooth tracker that has an assisting smartphone App to ensure you never loose your most precious items again. As super-cool inclusions in a backpack of any design, and with specifically-designed holders for such devices, everything has been carefully considered.

Built to straddle the lines between technology and adventure, work and play, its featuring of a Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth tracker will help ensure that you improve your efficiency ten times over. Other fine details include a microfibre lining to keep your tablet clean, a padded backing to ensure that your electronics are safe while on the move, and inverted seams on straps for the ultimate comfort.

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