Skagen Falster Minimalwear x Android 2.0

Having recently attended Inhorgenta (one of the worlds biggest jewellery and watch shows in the world) at Munich (Germany), SATORI & SCOUT cannot help but be amazed by the foray of smartwatch companies now emerging, or at least, traditional brands going smart. Having debated long and hard about which brand offered the best technology meets style, we reckon that SKAGEN just about pip the race, particularly for their new Falster smartwatch.

Already known for their hybrid smartwatches by offering many functions beyond their wrist's device and nestling many on a connected smartphone app, this new Android 2.0 powered device has placed all of the device's possible tech within the four walls (they have walls?) of the actual watch. Featuring an entirely digital touchscreen display and interface, the SKAGEN Falster smartwatch is both minimal and powerful as it offers decent negative space towards the gains of the consumer experience. Battling against all those who feel that smartwatches are too futuristic and untraditional, SATORI & SCOUT reckon that SKAGEN has got their Falster aesthetics absolutely right. Inside the hood (okay, watches definitely don't have hoods) can be found smartwatch notifications for all your essential emails, texts and calls, an activity tracker, various customisable watch faces (with customisable colours and modes), voice commands by Google Assistant and music control via apps such as Google Play or Spotify.

As Frederik Thrane, SKAGEN's Creative Director explains, " of our goals with SKAGEN's smartwatches is to make technology feel more familiar and approachable. We do this by simplifying and editing our products, but also by humanizing the experience of using them: the dial layouts and the movements are designed for calm and pleasant interaction." Accordingly, towards a more humanized experience, SKAGEN introduces Dan, their equivalent to Alexa or Siri - any more people fancy joining the party?

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Photography credit : Skagen

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