Puppy-like Suitcase Goes Autonomous

Almost already leading conventional luggage sales after selling 160 thousand suitcases in a single day, the largest lifestyle brand of the mi ecosystem - 90 FUN - has embarked on a new design path: autonomously moving luggage.

Released at a trade show in Las Vegas (USA), this idea of autonomy is perhaps seen as unconventional against the plethora of development movements in robotics, smart televisions and the like. A simple puppy-like suitcase that literally follows it's user, this luggage is as fun as it is useful.

Featuring advanced balancing technology from company Segway (of course), this two-wheeled little scooter-like object is also equipped with various auto-following and precise positioning systems. Operational via remote control or simply by your side at all times, this suitcase is quite literally like a puppy. All very well, but please do remind us how airport security has vastly increased in recent years - have they even catered for autonomous suitcases? A sombre point, but a point none the less. Discover more about the designers and purchase online at: 90Fun.us

Photography credit : 90 Fun

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