Personalise Your Own Tods Gommino

Personalisation is the new trend, and it's presence in luxury items is there to be admired. Whether you're a person about town, a jet-setter or someone who offers exuberance everywhere you go, personalised items get the nod. From monogrammed notebooks, watch straps and car keys, as well as handbags, shoes and even umbrellas, personalised items are really quite investable. Providing your own aesthetic on an ever popular line, your style particularly comes through. Alongside such ideas is the world's admiration for craftsmanship and timeless design, and for footwear there are few designers more of both than Tod's. Quintessentially fashionable via artisan Italian methods, Tod's Gommino shoe has seen many imitators come to the stage in a bid to copy their designs; with Tod's always rightfully winning at the end of the day, imitator count is a good sign of 'good design'. Handcrafted from the finest leather and featuring 133 rubber pebbles ever since their conception, the shoe now boasts its latest development: personalisation.

Undertaken by Tod's 'My Gommino' service, you can individually personalise all of your leather colours, insoles, stitching options, and details such as initials and braided leathers. The choice is all yours. Via technology and tradition of assembling 35 pieces of leather in 100 manufacturing stages, each detail is customisable; sometimes personalisation is just a brand gimmick, but Tod's service is entirely authentic. Originally designed by Diego Della Valle in 1978, surely no luxury shoe has become more of a classic? With 'My Gommino' pop-ups popping-up (pun intended) in boutiques across the world, let your personalisation journey begin. Discover more about the customisation procedure online at:

Photography credit : Tods

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