Minimalist Arket Opens In London

In a world of clutter, noise and disruption, you have to commend brands that are actively pursuing the minimalist 'less is more' ethos. Now neither original nor particularly inaccessible, Arket is the latest to align itself with such values. Recently opening a sought-after store location on Regent Street, London (UK), the H&M owned brand describes itself as much more than a clothes fashion artisan, but "...a modern-day market place" of items ranging from menswear, womenswear, childrenswear and homeware. Curious about such brandeologies (is that a word? If so we'll adopt it right there and then) amidst the competitive retail industry, the Scandinavian outfit (expect origins of nowhere else for minimalism) is quickly rolling out three store locations: Copenhagen and London II opening shortly. Developed over two years, Arket isn't particularly attuned to any season's fashion trends, choosing to offer wardrobe and home essentials only, from it's own portfolio and those of 40+ other brands.

As Arket creative director Ulrika Bernhardtz explains, "...we have less expertise within some areas, like shoes, accessories and homeware. We don't want to revamp a product that we believe that someone else has already perfected. We'd rather bring that product in and mix it with our assortment." Why duplicate for duplication's sake(?), if something has already been done, then let them continue; SATORI & SCOUT applauds such honesty. Translated from meaning 'sheet of paper' in Swedish, the store's super minimalist feel is weirdly unrivalled - not even COS can match this. Via near surgical precision in arranging every item on display, and with decor that is mercifully cool and relaxing, every product takes centre stage as you wander around in amazement at how simple things really can be.

With in-store cooking lessons and demonstrations, Arket is everything an aspirational lifestyle aspires to embody, and SATORI & SCOUT cannot wait to visit their new Covent Garden store opening soon in London. Discover more about the fashion designer online at:

Photography credit : Arket
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