Breda x Poketo Colourful Collaboration

Creative collaborations are something that SATORI & SCOUT (and hopefully all our dedicated readers all enjoy) and as advocates of both the minimalist and 'buy less buy better' movements, this wristwatch project has all our dials moving.

An American family-owned watch brand since 2009 - though realistically most watch brands are family-owned to some degree - Breda is centered around being independent, creative and free to express a certain point of view on watch design. With a variety of watch designs within an accessible price range, Breda have become known for developing methods, materials and supplier partnerships that allow the brand to creatively create. Merging quality with minimal design, there are many parallels between the brand and SATORI & SCOUT's own thinking.

Introducing their first major collaboration, such a project has come to fruition with Poketo, a creative hub and lifestyle brand born out of the desire to infuse the every day with aesthetic intentionality. With Poketo collaborating with major brands such as Nike, MTV, and Nordstrom, Breda's inclusion in such a fine roster of brands is no small feat. The result of the collaboration is a fine-looking limited edition 'Poketo for BREDA Spectra Watch', described by Breda as an exploration into '...primary colour and the study of colour energy. The Spectra watch is made of dark and cool hues with embossed minuted markers that frame the playful yellow minute hand.'

A unisex watch design by all means, fine details within this watch include a stitchless leather band and both a highly minimalistic dial (black) and pair of hands (blue and yellow), whereby such colour choices are set up for all the complementary contrasts. Complete with a caseback that has been engraved to capture the limited edition batch of this collaboration, the entirety of the design is perfectly atuned to Poketo's colourful aesthetic. With such a limited edition watch already available for purchase, demand will be high and stock may be low at the time of publishing. That said, SATORI & SCOUT are confident any of their other designs will be a great addition to your wrist for every day of the week. Discover more about the brand online at:

Photography credit : Breda

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