Pepsi Goes Prestige With Rashid

With Milan Design Week 2016 now coming to an end, we take a look at one of our most favourite designs at the show. These Prestige Bottles for PepsiCo have been designed by the world renown Karim Rashid, and we have to admit that these bottles certainly have us wanting a sit down in the sun and take many thirst quenching gulps of the sugary drink. In space grey, sea blue and noir black, and each finished with abstract patterns etched into their surface, the bottles certainly look their part, and elevate the drinks brand to a whole new level.

The sleek and modern aluminium Prestige Bottles have been designed and manufactured for special events, food service partners and influencers, offering its full trademark to its tasters, Pepsi, Pepsi MAX and Diet Pepsi / Pepsi Light. For Milan Design Week 2016's 'Mix It Up' exhibition, Rashid also created bespoke bar-ware and drinks accessories that included glassware, bottle openers (always essential), aperitif trays and ice buckets, each to complement the luxury offering of the newly introduced Prestige Bottle. Rashid equally designed and created the exhibition's promotional presentation space itself, with this consisting of various floor to ceiling podiums that abstractly echoed the bottle's shape. The 'Mix It Up' exhibition was dedicated to industrial design collaborations by only the most leading of global talent, and Rashid's PepsiCo designs certainly played their part very well.

One of the most prolific designers of his generation, Rashid currently has over 3,000 designs in commercial production, and more than 300 national and international awards to his name. Specialising in luxury goods, furniture, lighting, brand identity and packaging, Time magazine once described Rashid as the "most famous industrial designer in the entirety of the Americas". With two such influential powerhouses in their respective fields, it is little wonder that these bottles aren't a winner as one of SATORI & SCOUT's favourite designs at the show. Unknown as to whether these will be commercially available, learn more online at

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