World First Wireless Charging (Dell) Laptop

Technology is coming a long way and Dell - not everyone's favourite computer maker - has announced a world first: 100% wireless charging 2-1 notebook laptop. Named the Latitude 7285, the laptop is aimed at becoming the on-the-go solution for professionals looking for an even greater improved user experience that is complete with entirely wire-free productivity and convenience as someone moves between meetings, locations and completes a day's round-trip. Allowing someone the ability to seamlessly go between places without any charging via wire, this ingenious bit of kit is well worth a consideration for you of your for your workplace. Presented at CES2017, the laptop is available for just over USD$1000 and works via 'magnetic resonance wireless technology'. Sounds innovative, huh?! To charge the laptop, you need only connect the detachable screen to the keyboard dock, and then have both sit on top of the Dell charging placemat.

As Dell explains, "It's our mission to drive workforce transformation by providing user experiences that increase productivity as the world becomes more dependent on mobile devices. our vision of a no wires workspace is foundational to that mission because it enables the freedom and flexibility today's employee's demand. WiTricity's magnetic resonance technology was seamlessly integrated to enable the latitude 7000 series detachable to be charged wirelessly over distance and with positional flexibility while keeping the 2-in-1 notebook's sleek design."

Well, SATORI & SCOUT think you did that well good sir. Looking as good as you'd expect from Dell, as minimalist and clean as they've become known for in recent years since their harder times, from our non-tech savvy opinion, this may very well be a lifestyle changer. Discover more about the designer online at:

Photography credit : Dell

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