Lifestyle Changing Home Filtration System

Home Filtration systems are becoming quite the artistic rage, and Royal College of Art graduate Pratik Ghosh has designed a system that puts all commercial water filtration containers to shame. Powered by herbs, the purification of kitchen waste water to become drinkable is really quite innovative and useful, despite its 'quirkiness'. Named 'Drop by Drop', the system is home to plants within a glass dome, where pipes enable an input of water to then be purified and finally, collected. Designed specifically for grey water - washing machines, sinks etc -, the system works by the plants photosynthesising and transpiring, where the water is drawn through the roots and onto their leaves to then evaporate as air vapour. With air flow controlled and a vacuum existing to expedite transpiration, water purification is as fast as nature allows.

With the water drawn out of the dome and condensed to become purified distilled water, Drop by Drop also releases oxygen into the room. A win-win situation. As Ghosh explained, "The proof of concept is indeed a mini version of the Amazon. It is a biosphere wherein the five key factors necessary for efficient transpiration, namely warmth, wind, light, pressure and humidity, are maintained at an optimum level." With the entire system an aesthetic object as much as a working machine, Ghosh explains how it should be located in a public area rather than within a cupboard. A watering can is available to encourage its owners to pour grey water into the system. Admittedly a slow process, Ghosh believes that the process could be entirely upscaled, so much so that every home's roof becomes a grey water collection bowl. Discover more about the designer online at:

Photography credit : Ki-Kando
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