Wimbledon Fever Tennis Ball Speakers

Wimbledon fever is all around, and SATORI & SCOUT well and truly love the worldly sport of tennis. SATORI & SCOUT also loves the power and influence of good music, and aside from the roar of the crowd to create centre court noise, or that general buzz around the stadiums as the two-week event unfolds, what better way to celebrate than to combine sound and tennis. Literally.

Designed by HearO - to be honest, we were expecting the brand to be called 40-Love or something -, this tennis ball housing speaker is quite unique in a general sense and on a memorabilia notion. Using only Wimbledon championship balls, where every year hundreds of thousands are retired, this miniature bluetooth speaker design is really quite cool.

A functional piece of tennis history and an icon of reuse where design meets British engineering and technology, HearO's speaker offers one-button connectivity, whilst it's handheld nature makes the portable media player companion even more perfect. We wouldn't recommend throwing the HearO tennis ball speaker, or having a tennis rally with one, for obvious reasons.

Using last year's tennis balls, HearO makes it's speakers via a tailor-made hydraulic press. Via cutting specialists whom created custom 3D printing guides, the team were able to create this unusally cool product a reality. Where the tennis ball was once an instant throwaway upon losing it's air, SATORI & SCOUT reckon the team have succeeded in finding a useful re-use for the sports item.

Who will win, Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal? Well it won't be Andy Murray will it (surely not). Discover more and purchase online at: HearOspeaker.com

Photography credit : HearO

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