Wifi Made Beautifully Simple By Plume

As wonderfully ubiquitous as a wireless internet connection has become to almost every household and business in the country, and probably the developed world, it is perhaps the opinion of many that your actual network system (and its box) is frustrating, often temperamental and of a really quite poor aesthetic. With the usual hiding of such unsightly hardware, this very action goes against many of what internet providers say is a crucial aspect to good connectivity (that is to have the routers out in the open for maximum range and power); this catch-22 continues to be a nuisance. While actual internet data is distributed to our home extremely reliably and consistent, travelling hundreds and thousands of miles before arriving to our home router, it is but the final several meters where everything goes inefficiently wrong.

A new generation of WiFi hardware solutions that has been engineered to solve this problem, Plume aims to deliver a fast and stable internet connection throughout the home like the best of commercial routers, and all of which via a network of aesthetically pleasing pod-like units that draw their very power from your home electricity plug sockets. As efficient as they look non-deterring, Plume is 'the world's first self-optimising WiFi', and its safe to say that these good-looking units won't be hidden away anytime soon.

Without a single main router, Plume's self-optimising adaptive WiFi technology has the ability to adjust its own signal strength and speed that each unit carries and emits across its network, all according to demand at any one moment. Should you be using a device of little internet requirement, then your nearest Plume would simply be allotted a small amount of bandwidth compared to another location's high bandwidth that may be powering several computer's internet lifeline. Due to there being no single router with a Plume network, your whole WiFi configuration can be expanded with additional pod-like units to extend coverage, as simple as that. Remember the days when your laptop was just that bit too far from the router(?)... not any more!

Available in silver, champagne gold and black, the Plume pod-like units really do look as minimalist as they do technical, as futuristic as they do retro. Offering a gigabit Ethernet port within each pod-like unit, Plume is perhaps most ideal if your home has several Internet of Things applications (really neat stuff, if you don't use this!) or smart devices requiring that all important internet connection. Also with the capability of monitoring each respective WiFi signal speed and strength via a smartphone app, using a Plume network really is as enjoyable as it is low maintenance. SATORI & SCOUT are of the opinion that such technology is a game-changer, and really could improve home, office and workshop WiFi considerably. A design-solution to counter a real-life problem, well done Plume. Available to order at $39 per pod, there is a minimum purchase number of 6 pods each time for your network. Discover more and purchase online at PlumeWifi.com.

Photography credit : PlumeWifi.com

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