Fly In The Sussex Skies With British Airways

We have all probably been up a very tall tower somewhere in the world, and SATORI & SCOUT reckon that more than likely such an attraction would have been located and offering expansive views of a global city, such as London. Located in Brighton (UK) (a city that has a population of little over 150,000), a new tower has been built and is certainly making its mark on the city, its wider landscape and local and tourist communities.

A giant glass and steel doughnut that hugs a 162 metre high pencil-like (3.9 metres at its widest point) inner column tower, British Airways' i360 Viewing Tower will enable passengers to traverse up and down and view everything that the British coastal resort has to offer. With the entire viewing pod and tower now completed, and testing now underway, the attraction is set to open in Summer 2016. "Testing and commissioning to continue for a few more weeks," as announced by Marks Barfield Architects, and SATORI & SCOUT cannot wait.

By taking a vertical-flight to the skies and seeing Sussex like you probably have never seen it before, you can fully enjoy breath-taking 360 degree views of about 35 miles. Dubbed the 'world€™s first vertical cable car' or 'world's tallest moving observation tower', the designers behind such a conception are Marks Barfield Architects, also the architects of the London Eye; we cannot decide which would be the better design and experience. Brighton's British Airways' i360 Viewing Tower's pod measures 18 metres wide, is 10 times larger than a London Eye capsule, and can carry 200 people at a time up into the sky. Definitely worth a visit!

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