Vintage and Electric, Vintage Electric

Not one to shy away from the pedal-bike life, with glowing reviews previously written of the contemporary Tratar bike and the terrain-ready Montague bike, we turn our attention to bikes with an added assistant - a motor.

With an age-less vintage appeal of the early 20th century ever-present in the world of biking, whether by inspiration or mimicry, the new bike designs by Vintage Electric are everything that the brand name suggests, vintage and electric. In true fashion of all petrol-heads and describing any engine in full detail, these 3000W electric engines are capable of travelling 35 miles at 36mph in Race Mode. With it's 52 V lithium-ion batteries in the design of a V-twin engine (they're still batteries...), this too only requires but a 2 hour re-charge.

With electric colours (pun intended), lightweight aluminium and designs of the early 20th century entirely on ball with everyone's favourite bike era, these smooth riding bikes are the modern version of the historic classic. With an upgrade in suspension and tires, in true vintage feel the bike retains it's oversized mud guards. The braking system employed is regenerative in it's disks, able to recharge the bike's batteries upon deceleration.

SATORI & SCOUT don't imagine that the most true bike fans will take Vintage Electric up on their electric offering, but no doubt, many millenials and green-consicous fans will now be tempted to the world of the two wheels. Discover more about the brand and their collections at:

Photography credit : Vintage Electric

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