Loog Guitars Make Learning Easy

Do you reminisce the days when music instrument playing was the best thing of any your week? Or conversely, that dreaded stroll up to the music department met by equal looks of annoyance as your music teacher breathed a sigh in teaching you an instrument that you don't enjoy? Whichever instrument, whether the guitar, drums, flute, violin, triangle or Caracas, it was, you can probably relate. Which ever end of the scale you can relate to, USA based Loog Guitars and their new teaching instruments are certainly worth a look-in, for the most enthusiastic of learner, or the learner than needs further entertainment to begin their musical journey.

With the objective of making the learning of the guitar easier and more fun - do you remember those chords, they were tedious sometimes(!!) - SATORI & SCOUT certainly reckon they have a strong point. Originally launched with Kickstarter, the brand are back with two new models, the Loog Pro and the Loog Mini. With the intimidation of any strings instrument instantly overcome, the string-teaching guitar will introduce you to chords, songs and the life of rock'n'roll (okay, perhaps not), in a more than fun way. With flashcards and a smart phone app also to help, Loog aim to make the learning curve accessible for children and adults alike.

Featuring real guitar strings, the Loog Pro has been designed for ages 8+ and the Loog Mini for 3+. So there, nothing stopping you, we hope you have some fun... Discover more and purchase online at: Kickstarter.com

Photography credit : Kickstarter

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