The Ultimate Yakima Tent Atop A Vehicle

When it comes to camping, SATORI & SCOUT are sure you are aware that tents come in many different shapes and sizes in today's age. From oversized pavilion-like objects that can house 12 fully sized people to one-man tents which can hold - as you might guess - one person. Aside from all the obvious excitement and fun that camping brings, do you class the building of your tent part of the enjoyment or more of a chore? Something straight on our wishlist, Yakima, the world-renown brand for camping vehicle products, is set to soon release the SkyRise and it is certainly innovative and a potential game changer in the adventurous-persons world.

As SATORI & SCOUT advocates, the Yakima SkyRise could certainly be one of the finer things in your life that brings enjoyment and self-expression (like seriously, who else would have a tent above their car?). A camping unit that sits atop the rooftop of your truck, SUV or Crossover vehicle, the design is Yakima's first into the tent market and is certainly a sign of things to come.

Comprised of a nylon body, the tent is to be certified fire-resistant (of course) yet breathable and lightweight. Completely waterproof via a rainfly, you are certain to get a good night's sleep with it's featuring of a 2.5-inch foam mattress that has a waterproof bottom. Naturally located high above the soft and wet ground, and above many of nature's creepiest of wildlife, SATORI & SCOUT might even be tempted to place this more as glamping than camping, but then, this tent may enable your to travel even further than you'd otherwise like to, in which case, you can definitely call yourself a great explorer.

No tools are required as everything fits snugly atop the vehicle via a base rack, compressed and tidy, and whether you are looking to camp in style or tread where no explorer has before, this Yakima option might easily surpass any heavy-duty tent's capabilities. Prices are set to start at £1000 when the SkyRise is released early 2017, and despite such a price tag, SATORI & SCOUT anticipate that everything will be well worth the payment.

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Photography credit : Yakima

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