Analogue NT Mini Ignites Nostalgic Enthusiasts

Whilst much of SATORI & SCOUT's feature content is continually about newness and technology and how such a subject perhaps enriches you to having a well developed lifestyle, we cannot deny that nostalgic references to bygone products are equally as compelling and fulfilling. If you are in your twenties, thirties or fourties, you may well indeed remember your youth of playing on consoles such as the GameCube or Atari, and this Analogue NT Mini console is a fusion of both newness and nostalgia.

Available for pre-order, the Analogue NT Mini Console is a compact console that is capable of playing over two thousand classic games that will bring anyone's golden era of video-gaming back to your bedroom or lounge. Via wireless compatibility to enable you to use any 8bitdo controller or arcade stick, and the ability to run every NES, Famicom, and Famicom Disk System game, the console is certainly one to remind you of your younger days.

As SATORI & SCOUT advocates, the modern man and woman is not at the final stage in Darwin's evolutionary process, and perhaps sometimes we need reminding of our prior roots before we can traverse onward. Where the NES was once one of the most iconic consoles of a generation, the Analogue NT Mini is to be a well celebrated and loved upgrade. Distinctly modern, the system boasts 1080p HDMI and RGB display, razor sharp pixels and FPGA hardware. The console is manufactured from frosted aluminium and is very much a timeless bit of design, referencing the Nintento 64 to some degree, but also being more sturdy than the latest Playstation 4. With no blinking lights, lockout chips or region limitations, the Analogue NT Mini will be loved the world over, not to mention how the controller that is used can even be an original NES controller.

Not a plug n' play toy, enjoy the definitive way to explore an entire era of Nintendo's history. On first come, first serve basis, grab yours for $449 at

Photography credit : Analogue

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