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Long has the saying been to drop the computer and refind the magic and joy that a trusty pencil can bring. Whether an architect, designer, or absolutely anyone from any profession or walk of life, why use the compauter when the world's finest hour was when the pencil was invented (kind of)? Speaking volumes to a pencil's existence, found in New York (USA) is CW Enterprise, a small store that specialises in graphite and wooden utensils, available in absolutely every colour and size, country of origin and pricetag possible.

With the world's finest pencils also available on their website - which is of course an entirely ironic selling avenue -, CW Enterprise also offers books, erasers, sharpeners, refills, storage ideas et al., from some of the world's best brands such as Caran d'Ache, Apsara, Viarco, Faber-Castell and more. Offering speciality pencils that feature rainbows, double-ends, fluorescent highlighter capabilities and other wonderful ideas, as well as vintage pencils and jumbo pencils, CW Enterprise is a fantastically curious store that appeals to all the pencil enthusiasts as much as the creative minders.

To give an idea of price variations, most pencils can be purchase from US$0.75-2, however search deeper and you will discover the Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil which has been crafted from fluted California cedar wood and available for a cool US$385; though SATORI & SCOUT reckon you may want to reserve using that pencil for your own finest hour towards artistry.

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Photography credit : CW Enterprise

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