More Precious (Stone) Than Your Smartphone

SATORI & SCOUT often has the pleasure of discovering and being in the company of many fantastic brands, small and large, and even in everyone's daily lives we hear about those who were once inspired by new technologies or perhaps new trends, but have you ever heard one say 'inspired by million year-old stone'?

Recent winners of the prestigious Good Design and German Design awards, Roxxlyn is a German company who finds its home in Berlin and their small team of dedicated artisans and engineers devote themselves to create these most luxurious smartphone cases that are of high-minimalism and made from only the finest of quality materials. Taking years to master, Roxxlyn now takes million years old genuine natural stone rocks and extracts them into thin extraordinary and unique cases - quite the transformation! With the flexibility and thickness of a credit card but the elegance of natural rocks, how amazing.

Manufactured via the usage of diamond tools to obtain their precise geometry, the top surface of the smartphone cover is quite literally natural stone in their entirely natural sense, and the contrast you feel when you see marble (yes, real marble) attached to your smartphone is really quite something. Never again those throwaway smartphone cases made of plastics and rubber, Roxxlyn are certainly changing the game (though it must be said, it's not a cheap game to play).

With natural stones available such as granite, quartz, marble and slate, each offers differing natural colourways that are all intricate and beautiful. Complete with an aluminium frame that is super light, the combination of materials along with your shiny smartphone is certainly unique. Discover more about the brand and shop online at:

Photography credit : Roxxlyn

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