The NewBlack Luxe Gramophone

Speaker designs have become statement, no longer that box in the corner of the room that produced sound on demand through it's flat panelled front of some luxury material that no-one appreciated due to never being near the electrical device for fear of either hurting their ears or getting too much into party-mode. Recently featuring Master & Dynamic's concrete speaker design, SATORI & SCOUT's latest find is that of Paolo Cappello.

A modernised gramophone for the new audio generation, Luciano is a Bluetooth speaker that is very soon available at NEWBLACK. Made with two contrasting elements, ceramics and electronics, the contrast comes together as a work of art as much as a quality audio piece, and the produced sound matches that of form subtlety and the excellence of Italian craftsmanship.

Entirely made in Nove (Italy), a town that has become famous for it's ceramics since the 1700s, the artistry that such a place has produced is plentiful. Crafted with all the typical electronics found in hi-fi stereo systems, this speaker's audio output has been optimised through a detailed process of equalisation to ensure superior sound quality. The shape of the gramophone of course plays it's part.

Available is a 24K gold edition, this special finish that gives the speaker resonance with brass instruments, and of course, a traditional gramophone. Discover more about the speaker and purchase online at:

Photography credit : NEWBLACK

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