The Materiality Of Perception: Marble Relics

So you know when you perceive and pre-judge something as one thing just because of preconceptions and materiality, well, this art project pretty much ridicules all perceptional qualities. Designed by English sculptor Will West, these 'relics' are made from the finest quality marble, and yet take the form of disused objects, primarily those commonly plastic.

On exhibition at the PlusDesign Gallery in Milan (Italy), the message is obviously one of 'contrasts': these plastic cans and containers are historically thrown away after consumption, but you'd never throw away such a fine piece of marble-work, would you? Using containers found abandoned on an industrial estate, West's discoveries have playfully led to a range of art pieces that are each wonderfully as juxtaposed as one another. Would you still throw away a container if it were marble? No. Okay, you might not be able to lift it, but the perception of materiality conditions your thought process all the same, right?

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Photography credit : PlusDesign Gallery
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