Apocalyptic Decay of Social Media

Should an apocalypse of social media occur, SATORI & SCOUT would still like to think that we would be friends and that you'd still visit our website? Just like how so many big companies of the early 1900s have crumbled into nothing more than a shadow of their past, what if companies of the tech era followed suit? An art series designed by graphic artist Andrei Lacatusu, 'social decay' has been communicated in every sense of the word: metaphorically, physically and literally.

Imagining what it would be like if today's smartphone and social obsessions withered away into nothingness, these visuals are eerily like how several big retailers have succumbed: Toys 'R' Us are one company that springs to mind of being in the news lately in taking this path.

Featuring online tech giants such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Twitter and Pinterest, Lacatusu's artwork is really quite compelling and a reminder to us all that what goes up, most often also comes down. Taking a positive spin on things, let's just appreciate the graphic's realism, and let's all hope that there are no more giant failings in trusted global brands. Discover more about the designer at: Behance.net

Photography credit : Andrei Llacatusu
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