The Gas Station Gym Refit Revolution

So here at the SATORI & SCOUT studio, we reckon this idea is great - like really simple but great. Architecture practice Gensler has partnered with world renown Reebok to convert and repurpose unused petrol stations as gyms, all the while being energy generators. We all know how common gas - that's petrol to you and I back in the UK - stations are located across any country, and this concept is built on their regularity as well as everyone's common desire to visit the gym. In a tri-fold bid to further improve people's health, re-condition old gas stations and generate extra energy in the meantime, this idea is being dubbed as 'the power grid of the future'.

Of course not bound to only using old gas stations, these 'recharge zones' could also feature farm-to-table restaurants, juice bars, meditation pods, as well as community shops and electric charging ports. The modern life. An idea proposed by Reebok rather than Gensler themselves, this 'urban gym' concept will focus on people's wellness as driving the future economy, literally. Though this is still very much at the concept level, why can't there be places where as you pump iron or tread those mills you also generate watts and power; gas stations are already very common, and so could a network of gas stations all combine to create 'human-powered power hubs'? Discover more about the architect studio online at:

Photography credit : Gensler
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