Facebook Goes Green For Disliking

We've all heard how troubled Facebook are in the face of its existence and future, and presumably too how their designers are modifying their algorithms and coding to make the platform feel more of a community. Well, Facebook has taken another step to improve it's 'peer review community' feel and are about to roll out the illustrious 'downvote' which has been called for by its fans for years. About time Facebook listened. Enabling people to downvote others' comments to the point that they would no longer appear online should the comments be downvoted that much, such a feature was soft tested last week on a number of people's accounts.

The famous like button is ubiquitous across the platform, but it's simple opposite member 'dislike' has never been invented, until now, potentially. Appearing next to the 'like' and 'reply' buttons (where else, really?), such an option then allows you to flag the comments as either 'offensive' or 'misleading' - is this the start of the end of fake news? Hello Donald Trump.

It is unknown whether this feature is at all human monitored, but one slight hitch SATORI & SCOUT can think of is what if there is a debate going on - simply the side with most supporters can win by simply downvoting all of their opposite's comments. Just imagine there's the fiercest debate of all time, and then one day its record is lost forever because there's a stalemate of downvoting and disappearing comments. Inverted fake news? On this thought, Mark Zuckerberg did once question the merits of a dislike: "...that doesn't seem like the kind of community that we want to create: you don't want to go through the process of sharing some moment that was important to you in your day and have someone downvote." Very true Mark. You're smart; be like Mark. p.s we wrote about social media's decay just last week. Ironic.

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