The eHotdesk Workspace Van

Hot desking is a global corporate trend and as many city centre rentable spaces become more and more expensive, Studio Hardie decided to take on the challenge of collaborating with Nissan and creating a mobile hot desk.

Named the Nissan eNV200 electric mobile office, UK-based design workshop Studio Hardie has worked closely with Nissan and transformed its zero emission eNV200 van into what is considered the world's first purpose built all-electric mobile office. Offering a professional office environment that features a fully integrated fold-out desk, a touchscreen computer, full wireless and broadband internet ability, wireless phone charging, a bluetooth sound system, LED lights, mini fridge, and lastly, but almost most importantly, a barista-quality coffee machine, is there anything the van cannot do?

A personal project on many levels for Studio Hardie, the converted workspace van also now sets a precedent for the potential of mobile hot desking, and even highlights the customisability of a van beyond what builder's tailor their vans. As Nissan explain, "...the relationship between vehicles and people are changing..." and as people all over the world are continually trying to find affordable desk space, maybe this is the future?

Offering a bright working environment with a special panoramic glass roof and LED floor lighting to each enhance the day to day feeling of space, despite being inside a van, the space is very much comfortable enough (and even arguably more so than any standard desk). With fine upholstery, premium trims and oak decking completing the 'room' (though you cold argue such are luxuries), the true potential of a nice environment to work in has been a van.

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Photography credit : Studio Hardie

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