Technics Vinyl Playing Innovation

You might be looking at this and thinking that this vinyl player looks like a DVD player, and you wouldn't be alone; SATORI & SCOUT have heard many independent people comment such a thought.

Rather a super high-quality audio player, Technics is a company entirely synonymous with turntable-sourced music making, and their new design is the latest in vinyl player makers that are resurging the recent appeal toward such an age-old technology type. Often relied upon by many of yesteryear's DJ's and audiophiles, the new Technics SP-10R seeks to be that trusty, durable audio partner once more. One noticeable design quirk is that the ultra-low-noise switching power supply is housed in a discrete unit separate from the turntable entirely to prevent cartridge hum on the vinyl playing tracks; an audible detail an audiophile might be able to pick up on, such a simple move is certainly innovative.

A luxe interpretation of the traditional vinyl player in which many innovative designs have gone by (one recent future-age levitating concept comes to mind), this trusty design is perhaps still leading the way. With Technics a market leader in audio technology since 1970s, inventors of the first direct drive turntable, this new 2018 release is certainly hotly anticipated in the music industry. Price unknown, SATORI & SCOUT cannot express their guilty lust for such a DVD player (we mean, vinyl player) prior to it's release. Discover more about the vinyl player design online at:

Photography credit : Technics
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