Empowerment By (wh)ORE Haus Studios

A brand founded by a former model who saw welding a method of empowerment, such a background has been synonymous with their accessible and confident appeal; SATORI & SCOUT particularly appreciate the handcrafted work of (wh)ORE HAUS Studios, and is work that ought to be appreciated. Authentic manufacturing cannot be beaten, and is the method of work that our handcrafted friends and collaborators at ANCHOR & CREW exercise. From contemporary and authentically artisan metal-based furniture to grand gestural bespoke pieces, and now a curated and refined collection of small goods, is there anything that LA (USA) based (wh)ORE HAUS Studios can't manufacture?

As (wh)ORE HAUS explain, the studio has begun expanding upon their bespoke piece brand to offer small goods that enable those without the budget to be part of the empowerment movement. Small and utilitarian, small goods still have the (wh)ORE HAUS signature look, but not necessarily the big price tag. With a range of brass and leather objects, the wide spectrum of objects includes salt and pepper shakers, card holders, napkin rings, placemats, various container vessels, belt buckles and dice. Quite an array, and either your choice, you're part of a women's empowerment movement. Discover more about the brand online at: (wh)OREHausStudios.com

Photography credit : wh)ORE Haus Studios
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