Pesi Wireless Charging Homeware

How far can we go on the whole wireless charging tech? Certainly quite the buzz word(s) in the technology world right now, but will we potentially ever see a day when every single domestic surface in this world become a wireless charging unit of some sort? Potentially. Designing a full range of homeware products, South Korean based Pesi have created a range in which attempts to rid smartphone users of wires and cables, period.

Tasked with creating a new 'mobile environment' via a competition launched by Samsung, the result is one where all cables have disappeared, almost as if all of the technology has vanished and that all we are simply left with these handheld movable objects amongst an otherwise non-techy home. Incorporating wireless charging via electromagnetic induction to power coil-based electronic devices, the instant removal of all cables and unsightly box units makes everything appear more natural, more coherent as if there is no conflict of technology and our desire to often remove ourselves from it.

As Pesi's co-founder explains, " the use of mobile products is increasing today, we analysed not only the form and function of the mobile product itself, but also the environment where they are used. We focused on where people charge their mobile devices [and we] realised that chargers are usually used on tables, desks or dressers, and we thought that if we fused them with objects usually found in these places, then they'd have new functions." Innovative. Offering 'on the surface' products that include desktop items such as a container, clock, mirror, speaker and tray, and 'in composition' products those that feature a dedicated tray as the charging surface, there is certainly merit in creating tens, if not hundreds, of home objects to reflect a user's lifestyle. Discover more about the products and design studio online at:

Photography credit : Design Studio Pesi

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