Heatwave? The Water-Refreshing Hydrant

What with the world being in somewhat of a heatwave at the moment, it feels only right to explore ways in which this and it's problems can be fought against. Rather than detailing a report-length omnibus of issues and solutions that Donald Trump would struggle to comprehend and agree with, one small solution with a potentially large result is that of ECAL (Switzerland) student Ddimitri Nassisi.

Re-imagining the common fire hydrant (for those of you in the UK, these are water pumps found at the sides of streets in many countries around the world, perhaps most notoriously, USA) as a double-functioning drinking fountain. Aiming to provide people and pets alike with water to quench their thirst, this blue-style hydrant is certainly community-focused compared to the plethora of every-man-for-itself ideas going around at the moment (it seems). An industrial student with a bright idea, Nassisi's concept of this hydrant is that the design is clean and attractive, and most importantly, easy to achieve given many city's vast existing hydrant infrastructure. As explained, "...throughout my research I found that in Switzerland the hydrants are related to the clear water pipings. All the infrastructure has an inner treatment to ensure that the water stays potable and we can find fire hydrants at every street corner". Well Trump (and all other world leaders), what are you waiting for?

Designed as similar to an existing hydrant as possible as to not require any major installation works, the blue drinking hydrant is taller than a conventional hydrant to allow two mid-body-height water spouts (an animal collection bowl is located nearer the ground). Both operational by a two-way switch on top (SATORI & SCOUT had in mind a small switch for the animals near the foot of the hydrant, but that would be more comical than useful), the hydrant is actually also operational as a conventional hydrant for the fire service as and when required. Is there true potential here? SATORI & SCOUT would certainly like to think so, particularly in today's agenda of global warming. Discover more about the young designer online at: Instagram.com/Dimitri.Nassisi

Photography credit : Dimitri Nassisi

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