Grovemade, A Brand Of What Matters

Grovemade from the outset is an awesome brand that echos everything great about being Handmade In America. Offering a really vast array of high-quality products, Grovemade have in its roster a collection of office and work desk essentials such as laptop stands, mousemats and keyboard trays, uplifting desk accessories that include foliage planters, pen holders, lamps and iPhone charge stations, personal accessories such as iPhone cases, key holders, wallets and watches, and lastly, home decoration ideas such as mirrors, organisation trays and coat hangers. Quite a portfolio.

A team of 20 people that love their jobs and lives, Grovemade is always on the search for what matters above all else, for things that help the team to explore, grow and push their design, technical and manufacturing boundaries to their fullest potentials. About so much more than just products, SATORI & SCOUT love Grovemade's high-quality as much as their high-spirits.

As great are Grovemade's morals, the products that they hand-manufacture are obviously a major aspect to their customers. Using supple vegetable-tanned leathers that will develop a rich patina over time, hand sanded and oiled timbers (available in American maple or walnut), high-sheen solid steel and well-cut, logo-imprinted natural cork, every material that Grovemade uses have been well considered and complements each other superbly. Custom-manufactured in Portland of Oregon, USA, be safe in the knowledge that any product you use by Grovemade will complement your aspirational lifestyle, and last a very long time...

With ideas far and wide, working at Grovemade is like an adventure. It is the thoughtfulness of the people behind each designed and manufactured product that really makes each item meaningful, and like we do, we hope you feel that little bit content inside every time you hang your coat on one of their hangers, every time you sit at your desk and admire your minimalist (and highly functional) deskspace, or perhaps every time you water that foliage you have growing in their mini planters.

Born from a friendship between Joe Mansfield and Ken Tomita, the vision was to simply "...make cool stuff and have fun doing it". The two friends' now 20-strong team is so much more than they expected, with Grovemade explaining to SATORI & SCOUT that the whole project is as fun today as it has ever been. Without any outside investors from day one, Grovemade has the freedom to become anything that they want it to be, and with the two founder's backgrounds in digital art and furniture making, the DIY and entrepreneurial spirit echoes throughout every team member. Without any of the traditional separations between design, manufacturing, and administration, Grovemade blend all their departments together. What SATORI & SCOUT finds super cool is that their marketing, photography, content-writing and webstore customer services are all together with the woodworkers of the workshop; the 5,000 square foot workshop also offers a showroom, and with everything under one roof, its all so authentic. Super dynamic, collaboration is at its highest. Wanting to stay small, to focus on their products rather than growth and aiming to make manufacturing as efficient as possible, Grovemade really have hit the mark. With all hands on deck, well done our American friends!

Without any sprawling factories of anonymous and non-influential workers, nor any involvement of processes that are super technical or merely result in a product that has a small customer audience, Grovemade finds itself somewhere in the middle, ensuring that you receive a quality product for a really fair price, from their hands to yours.

Small and special, yet making a global contribution, Grovemade loves their story, and hopes everyone can enjoy the world in the same way they do. Their products are ideal for your own aspirational lifestyle, and SATORI & SCOUT cannot recommend your support of Grovemade any more highly. All products are available for purchase online at

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