First Commercial Drone Delivery Of Donuts

Instant drone delivery isn€™t the future any more, it's happening right now. It may literally be only be a matter of time before countless numbers of these small unmanned drone aircrafts are seen delivering groceries all across the country and the world over. Technically not 'door to door', but based wholly on that concept ('door to sky to hands', though not quite so catchy), the first ever commercial delivery has been made in USA by the pioneering technology startup Flirtey who collaborated with 7 Eleven.

From the popular convenience store to a private residence in Reno (USA), the delivery occured on 11th July 2016 when the autonomously branded drone flew several miles from the convenience store to the home's owners airspace to make the delivery drop. 'Shipping' (again, can we use that term for drone delivery?) donuts, coffee, sweets and a chicken sandwich to the proud customer, the goods were safely packaged within two containers and upon arrival, airlifted down to the ground safely. To make the delivery, the drone used an in-built GPS system to navigate itself from lift-off to the destination.

Not the first ever delivery that Flirtey has ever made, the company made a delivery of medical supplies to Virginia (USA) in 2015, flew emergency supplies and water to Hawthrone (USA) in 2016, plus made their first 'shore to ship' delivery in June. Could this be the first of many, many occasions for such a commercial delivery service? Having already pioneered the technology and the logistics, Flirtey are now "...future-proofing the delivery systems around the globe" (Flirtey). Wanting to particularly focus on medical supplies, online retail and food deliveries, Flirtey hope and envision that drones flying in the sky may just look as typical as delivery trucks are on the road. Now that's food for thought.

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