Favourite Pip Coding x 'Gaming' Console

With one latest trend in schooling being the encouragement for children to take up coding, tech start-up company Curious Chip has just launched a handheld 'gaming' device called Pip that aims to teach children to code their own games and apps.

The entertainment is as much in creation as it is playing. Recently fully-funded over on Kickstarter, upon Pip's final release children will now be able to truly put the world of digital creation, curiosity and fun in their hands. Enabling children to make fun games, invent their own apps as well as play retro classics (and even take control of some things around them), Pip is attempting to make the education of coding fun and easy. With the option of drag and drop programming in addition to amending real source code, ultimately the possibilities are endless.

Coding and games go hand in hand, and with the UK government's recent push into the education of coding at a young age, this product might well be an ideal transitionary device. With many countries already educating budding creatives and school-children the world of code (yes, that includes Javascript, Python, Lua, PHP and HTML/CSS, etc), might you be further tempted by the lure of playing Snake, Sonic The Hedgehog, Pac-Man or even Minecraft? Featuring a touchscreen, eight programmable LED lights, a microphone, speakers and motion sensors, the device even offers USB-connecting side controllers to enable two players to come together. In order to make Pip as accessible to everyone as possible, the inventors have made Pip compatible with components that are readily available in shops. As Curious Chip explains, "With Pip it's really easy for you to tinker with hardware. Plug in a moisture sensor to check on plants, or hook up a proximity sensor to make an alarm, or add motors and lights to your LEGO creations and bring them to life with Pip." Powered Raspberry Pi, what game could you invent?

Discover more about the gaming device at: CuriousChip.com

Photography credit : Curious Chip
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