Design Museum Adds Rainbow Flag To Collection

With London Pride (UK) and LA Pride Week (USA) in the news recently, there has been an increasingly wider celebration of the LGBTQ community. With SkyTV and various other companies giving active support on advertorials and television commercials, the culture of LGBTQ is certainly rising; and good on them. In parallel to such social events and global newsworthy mentions, London's Design Museum has become the latest institution to begin adding 'in-the-news' popular culture products and designs to it's archive of greatness.

As Dezeen reports, the latest additions include a Rainbow Flag, a David Bowie CD and a Frisbee, and these additions are the first since the institution's move to Kensington, London. A reason behind the move, the expansion of the Design Museum Collection has allowed the design collectors the ability to archive "an important record of the key designs that have shaped the modern world", as Design Museum explains. Following equal curation strategies by MoMA (USA) and the V&A (UK), the LGBTQ rainbow flag is certainly a welcome addition.

With David Bowie's Blackstar Album and NASA's Space Cup recent winners at Design Museum's Design of the Year awards, and thereby also included, IKEA's notorious refugee shelter that has come under various criticisms has been excluded, despite it's anticipated inclusion. The Oculus Rift headset has also been added. Discover more about the Design Museum's curation at:

Photography credit : Dezeen

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