Creative Kids Play (For Adults)

Not many times are there when, as a fully committed human into the adult life, you'd admit that you are quite interested in your child's toys. Whilst imported plastic toys are all the rage these days with bottom line driven commercial sales, and there always being a chaotic scene at home when you get frustrated about the length of playtime needed in your average day, how about a toy design that you might just be strangely interested in for extended periods of the day?

Named 'Earthtiles', this play design is modern and simple and consists of geometric tiles that magnetise to one another, allowing endless creative solutions for building shapes or architectural-inspired designs. Creative play in almost its simplest sense with countless configurations available in any one play session, these Earthtile magnetic designs encourage cognitive thinking for all the ages. Educational toys have certainly grown in popularity over the years, but this one SATORI & SCOUT envisage might well be popular with the adults too. Testing your geometry knowledge, how many and how ambitious could you go? Made from sustainably harvested wood, each set consists of 20 squares and 12 triangles. With the magnets hidden within the wood, you can be sure that no health risks are posed, but SATORI & SCOUT definitely see these popular around the drinking table, lounge floor et al. Discover more and buy yours online at:

Photography credit : BigFutureToys
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