Co-Working Spaces Effect On Posture: Asana Tools

Posture and it's correcting is a profound issue in modern day life - especially with the growing usage of computers - and as we become more and more akin to aspirational and wellbeing pursuits, it is only right that the number of available options increases to help us find our body's way. A design project by Eindhoven graduate Mirjam de Bruijn named 'Asana', these various objects all aim to improve posture while working at the desk without any time being lost to the actual exercising; concurrent exercise as it were. A collection of five designs, each aims to stimulate the body in various ways.

Inspired by the rise in popularity of co-working spaces et al., de Bruijn raises the point that nothing is being done to address the various health issues of these environments. As explained, "...The furniture is often not made for the office and cannot be adjusted to one's measurements...more and more people end up at the physiotherapist with complaints such as poor blood circulation, back problems and repetitive strain injury."

As SATORI & SCOUT's input: to all the benefits of flexibility comes all the restrictions of custom, made-to-measure 'perfect' design. Working through the collection, a rounded stick can be found most useful as a roller for your wrist while typing, twin weights for stretching both wrist muscles and a rubber cushion for an instant upgrade on any standard stool; a wooden side-to-side foot rest and a large hooped rubber band for arm stretches both complete the collection. As the designer explains, "...the series of tools improves posture, strengthens muscles and stimulates blood flow," whilst SATORI & SCOUT agrees and feels that such a posture vs. flexible working spaces is a welcome discussion point and one that ought to be addressed. Well done de Bruijn for raising this. Discover more about the designer's project at: 

Photography credit : Mirjam de Bruijn
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