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"If anything could persuade us to get rid of our cars, it is the bicycles of Biomega", once claimed Wallpaper* magazine. In an attempt to further popularise the highly popular mode of transport of its origin country Denmark, Biomega has been designing and manufacturing fantastic bikes for just short of 20 years now.

Founded in 1998 by Jens Martin Skibsted and Elias Grove Nielsen, the original intention was to change the aesthetic of the ultimate urban vehicle as much as Bang and Olufsen, also of Denmark, had massively influenced the hi-fi industry. Mountain biking had begun to shake up the biking industry at about the time of the brand's launch, and whilst such a change was being echoed in almost all biking related advertisements, Biomega went about attempting to initiate the next shake up.

Biomega's principle was simple: " model without technological innovation". At the time such an idea was highly original within the context of its industry, and you could arguably assign alot of credit to Biomega for perhaps popularising the modern movement of biking being unbelievably technological and engineering orientated. The Copenhagen Trekking Bike, named after its founding city, is driven entirely by a shaft rather than a conventional chain, for example.

Particularly popular product lines since Biomega's conception include the MN01 Extravaganza and MN02 Bonanza (both designs feature a very bold, solid-panelled frame rather than the obvious frame aesthetic), the BioLove (featuring a solid and purely bamboo frame), and recently the Boston BOS (featuring a frame that is minus its down-tube whereby this has been replaced by an integrated wire lock system that actually self-breaks should the bike's lock be cut).

Biomega's designs, as you may have imagined, are often inspired by the automotive industry. The MN01 Extravaganza was the first ever bike invented without any visible seams on any part of the frame, whilst all designs are in line with classic Scandinavian design - this has been particularly popularised by Designers such as Arne Jacobsen or Sigvard Bernadotte.

Biomega, today, has continued to be as committed to innovation as it always has been. The self-breaking lock device as aforementioned is also joined in their roster by highly utility-led Cargo bikes that feature a very unique extended frame and an aesthetic-led electric bike (Product Oko). The electric bike is currently available as pre-order only, and has already been described as "the future of inner-city travel" by Wallpaper* magazine. We agree, and with such a strong lineup of designers at its disposal, you could bet your indispensable tyre pump that the brand well continue to be at the forefront of bike design for many years to come...

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