Street Cinema At Venice Film Festival

Community living and street-located public events are absolutely essential in building trust and interaction amongst people, and this outdoor cinema idea by Omri Revesz has just won SATORI & SCOUT's hearts. Located at the 2017 Venice Film Festival (Italy), it's only downside is that it's temporary; what if such an idea were permanent? This world needs such entertainment and interfaces, and it needs it yesterday. Designed for the V-A-C foundation, the Russian contemporary art foundation, a reflection is made upon the centenary (celebration) of the Soviet Revolution. A public multimedia installation that explores the former propaganda and spreading of information across Soviet Russia via cinemas and other artistic venues, it is but the very idea of such an informal installation that particularly captured our attention.

As explained by its Israeli designer Omri Revesz, references are made to Soviet's 'agit-train' and 'agit-cinema' in which these were once effective avenues of news and information spreading across Soviet's populace, and alongside radio were instrumental in its civil war successes of yesteryear. A modular wooden structure that has been designed and built using traditional Russian architectural details, the pavilion has the ability to offer conferences, public screenings or artistic acts. Enabling the inside/outside relationship to be tailored to the event - a fantastic idea - the pavilion has the ability to be flexible in any cultural or social situation. SATORI & SCOUT absolutely love the construction of the pavilion and just hope that more can be built and become a way of life on many streets across the world. Discover more about the designer online at:

Photography credit : Omri Revesz

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