Apple Sees Significant Drop In Smartwatch Sales

SATORI & SCOUT are very sure that the world over knows about the Apple Watch and all it's smartwatch benefits that the accessory provides. A brave move for the smartphone manufacturer who's somewhat monopoly on the phone market was all there to be known, is the Apple Watch now seen more as a fad than a timeless design of continual popularity?

It was recently announced that global smartwatch sales have seen their first drop since their conception, with many citing a main cause of the significant fall be because Apple Watch customers are anticipating a new model to be released soon. Market analysts International Data Corporation (IDC) equally reported that "worldwide shipments of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected timepieces fell by 32 per cent in the second quarter of 2016". Such a decrease was the difference from 5.1 million distributed a year ago to this year's 3.5 million, and in addition to the worrying figures, IDC later announced that Apple Watch in particular experienced a sales fall of 55 per cent.

Despite such decreases, in contrast, the world's other four primary smartwatch producers of Samsung, Lenovo, LG Electronics and Garmin all saw a contrary rise in sales. Plagued with mixed responses from designers, retailers and ultimately members of the public, even Apple's co-founder Steven Wozniak found criticism in the brand's move to smartwatches. Perhaps the biggest indication that Apple have their tails between their legs with this pursuit is the simple fact that the brand has never left it more than a year between hardware upgrades, and yet to this date, no mention of a second generation has been announced.

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