Your New 24 Hour Perception Of Today

How do you perceive time? An aspect of the world that we have no control over, and yet is perhaps the world's only infinite resource. Of course many people perceive time as a resource, as a countable intangible asset that we only have a finite number of living hours of. Are you a person that wakes up, goes to work, comes home, sleeps and restarts that pattern day in, day out, or do you have extended free time at the beginning and end of the day in which you make life really matter? This clock - termed Today - has the aim of stretching your perception of time to make space for all of the things in life that cannot be counted; to give yourself time.

As Scott Thrift, designer of the Today clock and award-winning media artist and horologist, explains, "...I myself have lived with Today since last summer, and now I wonder how I ever lived without it. Today inspires a sense of renewal, calm, and perhaps most importantly, balance." As a result, Thrift has found the new perception of time that the clock provides has provided him with an aid to regulate his sleep patterns and resonate with the idea that every day is a gift.

A 24-hour clock - simple enough - that breaks down the day into a perfect balance of dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight, the Today makes one full rotation every day as a result of its German engineered movement that quietly moves at half the speed of a regular clock. Although quite a simple shift against the norm, the result of such a reference frame difference makes you feel like you have more time. The clear, intuitive design of a Today clock takes the edge off of time.

As the designer perfectly explains, "Nearly everything has changed in the world, except how we measure time. We have the chance to change that together, Today." The design of the Today clocks' face was inspired by that feeling of wonder you have when you views clouds passing by whilst aboard a plane - time often feels like it stands still. A Today has the aim of making any viewer of the clock feel the limitless potential you feel up there, down here.

Available as a steel and glass 11" wall clock, and a bamboo 11" wall clock and a 5" desk clock, this project is soon to be realised on

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