Personal Interior Taste Of Antiques And White

After managing a multi-million dollar project for a respected Hollywood designer, Alice Cheng has decided to found her own Los Angeles designer practice. A designer's designer, Cheng is a quiet powerhouse and is grounded by a flexible design integrity to offer wonderful combinations of shape, colour and materiality. With much admiration to objects from yesteryear, Cheng's personal tastes reflect all so honestly in her work projects.

With such a welcoming biography in mind, it is very apt that this home was 99% renovated upon its sale purchase, enabling Cheng to put all her hard work and taste into its decor and outfitting. With a modern and comfortable appeal, this Los Angeles (USA) mountainside suburbia home has an overriding casual feel about it. With a wonderfully minimalist aesthetic, the home boasts modern art and pieces from mid-century yesteryear in every room, with the combination working very well, harmonising every space to flow between each other.

Split over two floors, all signs of this home's original fixtures and fittings are all but gone with its complete home-owner customisation. Gone away were the marble counters, carpet and vinyl surfaces, all replaced by modern utility fixtures, white washed decking and furniture of the highest comfort and casualness. With geodesic tiles in the bathroom, mesmerising patterns in some artworks and grid-like arrangements of paintings, these design quirks sit well among the monotonal spaces and the brightness of the home. Overall, SATORI & SCOUT really like how this home is such simple yet so multi-cultured. Discover more about this interior designer at

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