WikkelHouse : The Rise Of Cardboard Architecture

Today's technology is growing faster than ever, with all 'technology ages' of the past far surpassed with today's present innovation period. A huge amount of effort is going into architecture's many pinch points, and one that regularly comes up is the poor eco-friendliness of many building materials, despite building so much infrastructure at the rate that we are. Innovation has led to straw bales being developed in the UK as a new insulative wall material, as much as bamboo has often been flirted with on the global scene, to name just two. Cardboard (yes, that flammable material we all know disintegrates at any touching of water) has been noted as a potential way forward, and WikkelHouse are no strangers to the material.

A highly portable solution that is super flexible to anyone's homely needs and aims to be as innovative today as it will be in 50 years time, WikkelHouse is the product of four years of research and development from the Netherlands. Such a pioneering construction technology also takes an awesome design, one of a moulded-like shape. The cardboard materiality is achieved via layers (and more layers) of cardboard and eco-friendly glue, whereby the bonded combination has fantastic architectural potential. Such a robust sandwich of structural material has optimum insulation qualities and the whole concept has been well-achieved by the WikkelHouse team. A commercial solution, the company is seeing orders for its house design from across Europe.

If your needs are to have a kitchen, bathroom or shower in your WikkelHouse (which we presume you do, but incase you wanted the dwelling as more a garden Summer House, office space or lodgings than an actual holiday house), then all are available options with their flexible designs. Being modular, you can literally have the design be made transportable to wherever you go, offering you a versatile lifestyle solution. With premium finishings, SATORI & SCOUT can't help but think the whole solution is super comfortable, and would appeal to many.

The design's modularity comes about as 1.2 meter wide segments, with each easily interconnectable with one another. Such an attribute, along with its cardboard innovation, makes for a very healthy combination of awesomeness, and with the knowledge that everything is custom made by specialised craftsmen, we are sure you will be super proud of your new dwelling. It has been calculated that the cardboard alternative to traditional brick homes is about three times more eco-friendly, and being cardboard, should the dwelling come to an end-of-life situation, then everything can be recycled and started again. Makes alot more sense than polluting the world by making concrete (and bricks), doesn't it?

Each WikkelHouse is manufactured in Amsterdam, and the fairly central European workshop means that the dwelling can be up and ready wherever in next to no time. The unit weighs just 500 kilograms per segment, and in comparative terms, this enables the dwelling to be erected without foundations, be it the beach, your garden or on a random plot of land you own in the countryside. Fantastic looking, WikkelHouse seems all very intuitive and yet original. Discover about these innovative homes at WikkelHouse.com.

Photography credit : WikkelHouse.com

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