Functional Ommo Kitchenware Of High Aesthetic

Is there nothing more exciting than kitchen utensils? Yes, but not much more. Full of fun colours, matte plastic and stainless steel, the new brand on the scene Ommo have released some really innovatively designed products. Launched at the Ambiente show in February 2016, the super user-friendly kitchen utensils are bound to make your time preparing food even more enjoyable.

Standing for the notion that good design should be accessible and affordable, Ommo have the ambition to offer well-designed tools that are fun and for the everyday. Dedicated to simplicity, SATORI & SCOUT really appreciate Ommo's principles and their products' pricetags more than justifies their statement.

Designed by Ponti Design Studio, our highlighted trio of kitchen accessories are named Diga, Koma and Torus, and together offer abstract shapes and curved lines to create extremely functional designs. Firstly, Diga is a two-color melamine salad bowl that lets you wash, drain, and serve your salad or vegetables without having to transfer them between fresh dishes at each stage. With an outlet disc at the bottom of the bowl that when turned clockwise ensures all contents are sealed within the bowl, this is perhaps ideal for when serving the food. Both Koma and Torus are tea infusers, and each are of original design and come with a hidden function. Koma offers a wide round base and a long stainless steel-trimmed handle which together allow for a comfortable grip and the ability to stir the tea. The brushed steel cover opens and closes at the touch of a finger to easily fill and empty the infuser, and surely this is the simplest method of enjoying any loose tea drink? Torus, conversely, is donut-shaped and can hang onto any cup. Accompanied by a small tower case that can hold up to three different infusers, this accessory can equally house dry loose tea.

Each design is smart and extremely useful and as a collection by Ponti Design Studio you can really grasp an idea of how good design is one that has aesthetics to meet function. Of playful and affordable design, SATORI & SCOUT reckon all of these kitchen utensils are more than just kitchen eye candy. Discover these three great designs and purchase online at

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