Warehouse Conversion Of Spanish Beauty

In conjunction with SATORI & SCOUT's age old favourite aspiration of living within a dwelling characterised by a fruitful 'indoor-outdoor relationship', the juxtaposition of old and new is equally profound. Located in Sant Antoni (Spain), this home designed by Valenti Albareda is a truly special place and is one which SATORI & SCOUT really cannot get our heads around at how beautiful the home's interior is.

A former Canary Island banana import warehouse which was bombarded during the Spanish Civil War, such a space is certainly abundant with character and awe. In combination of all the various 1990's architectural elements, such an ancient structure with a rich history is certain to deliver when ever converted into a place of living.

By a combination of full respect given to the building's former usage and the conversion of an existent vault rear facade to reveal an underground courtyard, everything about the home feels natural yet curious. With crumbling brick surfaces kept afresh to suggest all of it's history, and of a natural vaulted shape to easily offer huge cross ventilation opportunities, there is certainly an air of nobility and respect at how much the materiality and structure complements the home's new function as a living space. With all it's arch-shaped openings and warm oak floors, doesn't all its photos look so special?

Wanting the home to be flexible yet somewhat conventional by room-type, "...the result is a dwelling that fulfills [the inhabitant's] necessities, while respecting the original space's soul.", Albareda explains. With the most beautiful of sandy hues and white, and decorated with only the most vibrant of green plants, even the decor's black furniture somehow complements the otherwise earthy-natural atmosphere. With glass integrated into some of the floor's surfaces to give their respective lower spaces a sense of added-height, metal grids provide the same effect for other parts of the house. With a combination of rough stone walls still in their original state and brand-new furnishings that offer sleek and bold architectural shapes, quite really, how amazing is this house? Requiring steel beams and columns to be added into the home in order to make the structure safe and livable, we really don't think that they take anything away from the original atmosphere that was once felt inside such a banana warehouse, and in fact, perfectly complement everything about this home.

Discover more about the architect online at: Valenti-Albareda.Divisare.Pro

Photography credit : Josa Hevia

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