Sculptural FLOS Light, A Floating Halo

How many ways can the simple lamp/light be reinvented? In all the ways a light can be shaped, angled, raised and supported, SATORI & SCOUT reckon that if you drew any lamp or light, then it would always resemble one you have recently seen, and more than likely not look too different fro any traditional high street store's offerings. Introducing something entirely unique and different, a collaboration between FLOS and Formafantasma sees a light which is affixed to any home's walls in the most curious of ways.

A light which is somewhat a floor lamp (verticality etc), yet by definition is a wall lamp (you place it on the wall, obviously), such a unique design is like a hovering light halo which is certain to add interest into any dull space. Titled 'Wirering', such a minimalist light design is an exercise in reduction: stripped-back to its most essential components, the lamp delivers the most with the least. Little more than a cable and a ring of light, such a design is entirely custom made in which very little wires show to give the entire illusion of a floating halo ring.

Whilst you may question the necessity of the wire cable and think that the halo might be more 'floatable' if it were simply affixed to the wall, but such introduction of the vertical cable adds sculpture to the object, and of course, electricity to the light, and therefore allow you the flexibility to (re)locate the lamp at any one time as to never puncture the wall. Delivering power as much as curious interest, such a cable is available in white, grey, and light pink rubber, whilst the aluminum ring's LED strip is available in white, grey, pink, polished black nickel, and polished gold allowing a copious amount of colour interchangeability.

Disassembled, the lamp is reduced to a minimum. When mounted, it then reveals sculptural traits. Discover more about the design online at:

Photography credit : Officine Mimesi

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