Ancient Party Barn Of Amazing Restoration

It is no secret that the homes that we live in influence our design tastes and flair, and our vast array of architecture and cultural ideas are certainly aspirational for the well developed lifestyle, but when it comes down to it, SATORI & SCOUT is little more than an influencer to your own design. A converted barn that was part restoration, part curation for two designers, this re-interpretation of an 18th Century threshing barn is almost off the scale in terms of having a defined high-design.

Designed by architectural firm Liddicoat & Goldhill, the re-injection of life into this old barn is timeless and together with its reclaimed artefacts and contemporary materials, the 'Ancient Party Barn' creates a certain atmosphere that exhibits creativity and respect for the new additions and the old transformations. With a certain creative flair upon the original building, this 'Ancient Party Barn' is a home to admire.

Showcasing massive insulated shutters that stand in the once open holes of the barn doors and an American-style hangar door that is both a doorway and a canopy over the dining terrace, a single rooflight runs the entire length of the main room to provide natural lighting and the general authentic buzz about the property is all there to be experienced. With a mezzanine for sleeping and bathing and a gorgeous spiral stair case as the home's focal piece, there is little more that the architects could have done to design this project. Taking over 26 months to complete, you can certainly see the luxury in its finishes.

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