Urban Kitchen Entirely Modular

With a particular interest towards modular design, SATORI & SCOUT see such a domain as an ideal happy-medium between having an efficient design and sustainable ideas. As previously articulated, the urban dwelling is seeing its home decrease ever in size, and as lifestyles change and people become more accustomed to this, luxury is sought in the most miniature of ways. Now common to have a small flat kitchen, a living room with little more than a sofa and television, or potentially, a balconette as an escape to the outdoors - doesn't sound great, does it? - such parameters needn't prevent design flair being introducible.

In recognition that traditional kitchens are no longer as accessible or as required as previously thought, LCMX has created a kitchen design that is 100% modular. Yes, IKEA is the champion of the modular flat pack world, but we ask you, are their kitchen designs truly 100% modular? Perfect for the urban dweller, LCMX's Latifolia is a configurable kitchen design that entails self-supportive steel structural units to work with one another to hold various wooden shelves, members and storage spaces, each adjustable to suit. As someone's needs and requirements adapt over time, so can the kitchen. Suddenly find yourself needing more storage?; just add a storage unit. Suddenly become the head chef cooking for 10,000?; just add a cooker unit. Available in American Oak, Walnut, or Tzalam wood, and black powder coated steel, it's contemporary feel is matched by the choice of materials. Discover more about the designers online at: LCMX.com 

Photography credit : LCMX
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