Urban Collective For Both Interior And Fashion

Over recent years there has certainly been a rise in the number of independent interiors and fashion designers and brands, and sometimes, there are those that do both. Then, when you filter down everyone from both industries and look at those that indeed do both, there are even fewer that do both well. Introducing Urban Collective, such a brand is one that certainly addresses both the fashion and interior world very nicely, and such design collections ought to be celebrated.

The lifestyle brand Urban Collective focusses entirely on sustainable innovation and design, involving both in their fashion and interior ideas. A design collective of young and ambitious designers, Urban Collective's core collection features various collaborations with other designers, for example, Raul Magdaleno - an up-and-coming New York-based fashion designer, Raul is currently working under the wing of fashion director Nicola Formichetti for Nicopanda, all the while, simultaneously crafting ideas for his own designs. Previously at Alexander Wang, Raul's collaboration with Urban Collective was released in the spring of 2018.

Offering well-designed and well-made products, materials used in urban Collective's collections focus on sustainability, function, quality and service life with examples such as organic cotton, recycled wool and bamboo. Seeing themselves as the stepping stone for many emerging designers across the world with whom they collaborate, Urban Collective's vision is to bring designer's stories, culture and design into people€™s homes and daily lives. Invested in discovering new artists, and by collaborating deeper than with just one-off product lines, the brand's unique position is one who can tell the whole story of each designer they work with. Together they are all Urban Collective.

With a vision of opening people's eyes and encouraging them to look beyond the latest trends, let's take a look at some of their collection. With a clothing line that features various hoodies, jersey pants, t-shirts and sweaters, each is made using organic cotton. With the jersey pants a particular favourite of our studio, such a clothing item has quality details such as an elastic waistband, tonal embroidery and a cropped fitting, all the while manufactured by a certified (Portuguese) company for organic yarns, fabrics and garments through GOTS. Also certified in accordance with OCS (organic content standard), their manufacturers' dying process is also monitored. Of equal design consideration and flair is Urban Collective's oversize sweater, whereby this lichen green colourway is perfect as unisex, light and soft to touch. With a dropped shoulder and oversized fit that is suitable for everyday use, this clothing item is certainly worth investing in for your own wardrobe - bio-degradable packaging too.

Matching such clothing products with their interior lines, such a collection includes bedspreads, cushions, bedding, towels and more, all of which have been visibly manufactured with utmost care. Arguably the perfect collection to consider for fresh and inspiring bed linen to update your bedroom, or likewise, cosy and comforting throws and cushions for any living room setting, you are sure to be able to create a much-desired home interior for all your family and friends. With every interior product manufactured from 100% eco-friendly materials, the summation of such efforts allows for fewer chemicals, energy and water in all their production, giving you peace of mind that your interior not only looks good but does good. With Urban Collective's recycled wool throw the second favourite of our studio, the two-sided design is a perfect fit for everyone who loves beautifully dyed wool products and has an appreciation for recycled materials. Via this soft blanket, Urban Collective have saved raw material and used fewer chemicals, energy and water but still achieved all the characteristics of conventional wool. Perfect.

Offering a beautiful colour palette of pastel purples, blues and pinks, as well as ever-trusting whites, greys and cream, even the occasional lichen green and military green doesn't go amiss in such a wonderfully colour-coordinated collection. A third favourite product of SATORI & SCOUT is their cotton bed lining, whereby such a bedroom option offers a linen look with a softer feel that promises to get better with every use. With the recommendation of sleeping under the bed linen for a good while rather than washing it to excess, such a design quirk is a win-win for everyone, including our precious environment.

Certainly impressed by Urban Collective's collections, SATORI & SCOUT will be eager to learn of their future designer collaborations. Raul Magdaleno is no doubt the first of many, and such a design collective ought to be celebrated for such strong interior and fashion lines - more to the point, two collections that complement and work together so well; a casual sweater and pair of pants are sure to complement their matching bed linen and cushions.

Available at Wolf & Badger, discover more about the brand online at: UrbanCollective.com.

Photography credit : Urban Collective

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