Typeform Enjoys Natural Workspace

When you think that your office or place of work may be cool, think again. Okay, perhaps the likes of Facebook or Soundcloud's workspaces are notoriously effortlessly chic and cool, but SATORI & SCOUT reckon there are many other hidden gems around the world that could perhaps match such corporate digital supremacy, thinking Typeform might well be up there.

Based in Barcelona (Spain), Typeform is a Spanish startup and was growing exponentially to the point that the office required a serious upgrade. Sourcing a new 2000sq.m location, the venue was ideal, but seemingly so, the interior didn't work for the company's unconventional needs. Designed by Lagranja Design, due to Typeform's business model revolving around small communities of multicultural and talented individuals, the office echos the company's ethos in it's new found architecture and nature-orientated interior design.

With a bar at the reception area, the space invites it's employees to have breakfast when they arrive, or a beer on their way out, all in all being a place to gather for social reasons as much as meeting formations, as and when required. With plants growing in many places within the interior's designs, fresh air is more than abundant for the employees, and so much so, there is even a full time gardener employed. With rooms that are trademarked by colourful walls, co-working tables and frames to allow for the plant's full effect(s), and a tiered semicircular space that is absolutely ideal for presentations and group meetings, Typeform's workplace is really well conceived.

Inspired? Discover more about the designer at: LagranjaDesign.com

Photography credit : LagranjaDesign.com

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