Artifox Desks Continue Minimalism

Following on from Artifox's furniture releases in 2016, the design company are back with a fresh table and wall shelf design, both perfect for any work space and home. Characteristic of super minimalism that matches their equally high functionality, both to now be expected, Artifox have once again created solutions that SATORI & SCOUT love.

Named Desk 02, the table is simply minimal enough to be sleek and architectural, whilst also featuring a full array of workspace optimums. Easy to assemble with hardwood and steel fixings and components that are durable and long-lasting, the table wonderfully features a built-in reverse side dock that not only manages notoriously 'annoying' power cords, but also keeps your devices in place, padded and safely. Beneath such, there features a steel grid that cables and power strips can attach to, keeping everything out of sight, and to complete the table's offering, the materials that are available allow for customisation, whether walnut or walnut and bone, or white oak or white oak and bone.

Shelf, on a similar vein, continues Artifox's known 'less is more' focused solutions, and is a vertically floating wall unit that can be hung whichever way around the user desires, whether with the shelf at the top or the bottom. Made from powder coated steel that is available in chalkboard black or dry-erase white, the shelf allows for magnetic accessories and is re-writable like a black / whiteboard to complete it's functionality. Discover more and purchase online at:

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